servicing a detriot series 60

Detroit series 60 is one of ...if not the best engines ever made. Strong statement! Ask those that drive them...Especially those that service them. Koon trucking has some great advice for a Series 60 tuneup.

Big rig pigtail maintenance

Sometimes we get into situations that just a small tip can help in a big way.

Here's a quick video by Red Viking on how to deal with  pigtail issue you may experience while in the middle of a job

On board supplies

 What Truckers need to have on their trucks at all times. According to SMART TRUCKING Whether you are an owner, leasing or day cabbing you've got to be able to get yourself out of a tight jam if necessary. truck driver 

Diesel oil analysis

Changing your oil regularly is very important. However the point is to preserve, offset normal wear and tear on your engine. However knowing whats in your oil can tell you a hell of alot more about how much...that wear has worn

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