Truckers really got a back haul!!

Comedic satire with Seth Meyers is not LOL. Seth goes in on some of the Trump  administrations broken promises for Truckers. With some of the percs like food and per diem gone, along with tariffs and trade wars, Truckers and Trucking companies are not laughing. Copy that!!





WHATS ALL THIS TALK ABOUT TARIFFS.  Unless you’ve been on a 10 hr. break in your sleeper birth, America and China haven’t been getting along lately. Something about tariffs. Exactly what are tariffs? Basically a tariff is a tax levied by a government on stuff imported or traded from other countries.  The reason behind it is to increase the price, make imports less attractive or competitive versus stuff made in America. The government's hope is that the added cost will make imported goods much less desirable.

OK. So what’s all the hubbub all about? The Trump administration accuses China of cheating. Its drive to develop advanced technologies, driverless cars and artificial intelligence. It is widely alleged and independent analysts generally agree, that China STEALS… technology, intellectual property and forces foreign companies to fork over trade secrets as the price of admission to the Chinese market. China is also accused of unfairly subsidizes its own companies and throws up bureaucratic hurdles for foreign rivals.

While these countries aren’t playing nice nice with each other, the ripple affect waves through the rest of Americas economy. Let’s take trucking for example. According to the Wall Street Journal, shipments compared from September to last September tanked nearly 22%. China exports also tanked by a fifth. So let’s be clear. The first place affected would be the West Coast ports. A dramatic drop in shipments from China means less freight for trucks to haul. Subsequently the new argument is that East Coast ports Jacksonville, New York, Philly should see an increase in business. 

Although it’s not uncommon for a trucking company to expire, the climate that were in now has had an unreasonable backlash throughout the industry this season. We’ve had 400 million dollar companies like NEMF to Celedon trucking worth 25 million and employed 4000 employees.  Some companies were waiting till their invoices were remitted before paying their drivers, up to 3 weeks. 

Even in the shadows of an impeachment, just before Christmas 2019, the Trump administration has come to an effective trade deal with China. Ok it’s like this… the U.S. and China have been playing the ultimate super bowl game, using billions of dollars and our economy as the trophy. The tariffs is the ball. It’s the second quarter in the dome. Chinas’ up 14-3, The U.S. just scored a touchdown with two minutes on the clock.

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