Is this the end of a chapter for Facebook

The real drivers behind a multibillion dollar company aren’t old enough to drive. Reports and telephone surveys suggest that Facebook users, 12 yrs. of age demographic and up, are dropping double digit percentage over the past couple years. Even around the world users of the mega giant social media platform are unloading. Facing scrutiny over privacy concerns, co-founder mark Zuckerberg ledges going forward to build a more privacy based platform. Including private interactions, encryption, secure data storage and safety. In spite of the heightened focus on privacy, the primary motivation for ditching the site appears to be happiness. Market-researchfirm Datatrek Research found last year that Google searches for “delete Facebook” were 97% correlated with searches for terms like “being happy” and “quotes about being happy.”



TRUCKERS SPEND JUST AS MUCH TIME…on social media as any teenager. Nowadays it’s not just surfing dating sites. Truckers are using their time out on the big road to capture their journey. “Bring your photos to life in just a few taps. Create animated pictures, from a flicker of flame to cascading waterfalls "

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Analyze Any Stock, Anytime, Anywhere

With smartphones and 4G national coverage truckers are shifting gears to mobile investing. Where do you turn to find stocks? The internet? TV? Newsletters? They usually only cover a handful of stocks and can’t keep up with live, market action. Now, you have access to a better source 




This is a new  way to zoom thru the toll lane with worrying about what state you're in. Can you say road trip. Well take a look at this and let you know whats good and ...not so good.

So apparently the toll device stuck on the inside of your windshield doesn't work on all tollways in all states. 

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