Women Truckers



According to everybody's statistics there are a little less than somewhere around just short of not enough FEMALE Truck drivers.

According to freightwaves.com around 7% of Truckers on the road are women. Forget what you heard, there are an insufficient number of lady Truckers staying in the industry.What ever the reasoning was that tipped the lady into coming into the industry, at some point reality hits. It really doesn't matter gender,height, weight or strength..this is a tough ass job. There are the obvious hurdles that can steer anyone away from the demands of Trucking. Harsh climate changes, 24 hr work availability, and a combination of strength and agility.  Being a Trucker is almost like being a professional athlete. In our next edition, we'll interview a few truckers and ask the question: WHY DID YOU BECOME A TRUCKER?

over the road professional Female Trucker

over the road professional Female Trucker

Freightliner classic shifter knob removal

It seems here lately a lot of women drivers aren't being taught on manual  trucks anymore. However for for those guys and gals that still grab that knob..here's a quick tip on how to change it.

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